Union Special 81500CZ3374A

Single-Needle, Three-Thread, High-Throw Overedge Mach. with Plain Feed and Double-Act. Puller, for Att. Ropes 4 - 12 mm Diam. to Various Kind of Nets

Single-needle, three-thread, high-throw overedge machine with plain feed and double-action intermittent puller. Two upper rollers and one lower roller mechanically driven. Pneumatic presserfoot lifting. For attaching ropes from 4 - 12 mm diameter to various kinds of nettings as border and for tensioning, specially on sports nets and nets for safety and protection. For netting sewn parallel to the mesh, no feed dog is used and throat plate has no slots, only the puller feeds fabric (standard). For netting sewn diagonal to the edge, a feed dog and a throat plate are included, this allows better positioning of the strings.
Extra set of parts for attaching ropes 10 - 16 mm dia. available upon request and at extra charge.

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