Union Special 81500BZ3290P

Single-Needle Two-Thread Overedge Machine, Double Puller, Plain Feed with Liftable Synchronously Operating Top Feed, for Join Artificial Lawn Carpets

Single-needle two-thread overedge machine with high throw (71 mm). Plain feed with liftable, synchronously operating top feed and alternating presser foot. With attached double puller, two upper and one lower puller rollers, mechanically driven. Manual lubrication. Width of seam 10 - 12 mm, unfolded 20 - 24 mm. For joining artificial lawn carpets with high PU coating. Loading capacity: 30 mm; sewing capacity with two layers of material under presser foot from 15 to max. 22 mm. After sewing the parts are unfolded for abutted seams.

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