Union Special 2200ABZ3222

Portable Bag Closing Machine with Tape Folder, Solenoid Operated Tape Cutter and Pedestal, Protection Class I

Two thread chainstitch bag closing machine with tape folder and solenoid operated tape cutter.

Direct drive with fan-cooled, advanced design motor, 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 120 W, protection class I (with ground wire).

Combined upper and lower feed for greater power grips both sides of the bag thus guaranteeing an even feed and constant stitch length even on difficult materials - no undesired stitch shortening or perforation.

For closing filled paper bags while simultaneously folding a crepe paper of 50 or 60 mm width (standard 50 mm) over the bag opening. Please state desired width of tape when ordering. After the bag opening has been closed by sewing, the folded crepe tape is being cut by the solenoid operated tape cutter.

Motor housing and handle made of fibre-glass reinforced break-resistant polyamide. The heavy duty, automatic shut-off carbon brushes prevent damages to the armature. Sealed, dustproof and permanently lubricated motor ball bearings.

Start and stop actuated by foot switch, cutting operation actuated by knee-switch, with pedestal H1400F complete and main switch with wiring.




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