Union Special 1200AB

Automatic Bag Closing Equipment with Class 2200, Tape Folder, PLC Controlled, Manually Height Adjustable

Automatic Bag closing Equipment with integrated class 2200 sewing head. Consists from telescopic column with base plate, manual height adjustment. Range of adjustment 270 mm (765 mm to 1035 mm from floor to needle). Two-thread sewing head with tape folder, possible width 50-60 mm (please state at placing order) and solenoid tape cutter. 3phase motor. Start-stop of sewing machine and thread chain trimming automatically by light barrier. PLC controlled, parameter adjustable. Optional: 91605KG1.50-0.20 belt conveyor with adjustable speed. Standard speed 10 m/min., length 1,5 m, width of belt 200 mm, height 800 mm..

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