Union Special 2200GMR

Rechargeable Battery Operated Two-Thread Portable Bag Closer for Closing Bags and Sewing Geo Fabrics

Rechargeable battery operated, portable two thread sewing machine with top feed. Extra heavy sewing parts. For operation in locations where no electricity is available. For joining geotextile support fabrics at construction sites, for closing bags made of paper, jute, cotton and plastic, in agricultural areas, areas endangered by floods etc. Powered by a 24 volt, 120 watt DC-motor. Power supply by lithium ion plug-in rechargeable battery at the motor. Production capability with full charged batteres approx. 600-800 bags, depending upon type of material, number of plies, stitch length and width of bags. Battery charger for 220-240 V included. Charging time max. 90 minutes. Recommended extra: Additional battery, part No. 90197. Additional charger 110-125 V part No. 90197B.

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