Automatic Label Dispenser for Paper- and PE-Labels from the Roll, Labels Sewn to Reverse of Bags

Automatic Label Dispenser for printed paper- and PE-labels. The Unit is dispensing tickets from the roll, by cutting and guiding to the bag feed-in device, one by one, labels sewn to the reverse of open bags. Save man power costs, label cutting device included. With end of roll detection. Easy integration on existing applications.
Capacity, up to 1500 pieces/hour.
Dimensions of labels, height 40 to 80 mm, length 40 to 150 mm, thickness 80-250 g/m².
Voltage, 24V, DC.
Pneumatic operating pressure, max. 6 bar.

Applicable with short bag feed-in device with belt drive, V-type BFE29905A.




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