Gestell mit Laufwagen zur Aufnahme einer Nähmaschine zum Zusammennähen von Gewebe-Stückenden verschiedenster Art

Frame with carriage for sewing machine to connect piece ends. A unit consisting of both a frame and carriage to hold a chosen sewing machine for connecting beginning and end pieces of up to 2000 mm wide textile fabrics, of various kind, with a seam. Other widths available in 200 mm steps up to the maximum width of 4000 mm. The carriage consists of a suitable base plate for the chosen sewing machine, the driving motor for the sewing machine and a cloth trimming mechanism to match uneven cloth edges and to guarantee a constant and even seam. A transfer chain driven from a gear motor moves the carriage. The speed of this movement can be set by changing the setting of the gear motor to adapt it to the speed of the sewing machine or the stitch length respectively, to synchronize both feed motions. The frame consists of two needle beds - suitable to fix the leading and trailing edge of the fabric to be sewn - a pneumatically controlled clamp bar to control the fabric between the two needle beds, an adjustable limit switch to sew fabric of different widths below the maximum and the gear motor already mentioned in the paragraph before.The whole frame is movable by castor wheels.

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